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Aircraft Noise

With our comprehensive academic qualifications coupled with extensive practical engineering experience and technical skills, and with our all-inclusive, world-class, specialist measuring equipment and software, we will find effective solutions to essentially any noise problems.

Aircraft noiseHelicopter noiseAirplane noise

Our assessments of aircraft (airplanes and helicopters) noise include:

  1. Assessments of the maximum aircraft noise on proposed building sites near major airports and determination of required acoustic properties (weighted sound reduction index: Rw) of building elements (roof, external walls and doors, and windows) on such sites: assessments  according to Australian Standard: Acoustics - Aircraft noise intrusion - Building siting and construction (AS 2021-2015).

    These assessments are required for building sites located in zones greater than 20 ANEF, e.g. in Greater Sydney, near Sydney domestic and international airports, parts of Tempe, Sydenham, Marrickville, Enmore, Stanmore, Petersham, Camperdown, Leichhardt,  Rockdale, Banksia, Mascot, Botany, or near the oncoming Western Sydney airport in Badgery's Creek (2026).

    ANEF = Australian Noise Exposure Forecast.
  2. Certification of Aircraft Noise Reduction (ANR) provided by buildings near airports - measurements of noise from overflying aircrafts according to Appendix C of Australian Standard: Acoustics - Aircraft noise intrusion - Building siting and construction (AS 2021-2015).
  3. Measurements of helicopter noise according to Australian Standard: Acoustics - Measurement of noise from helicopter operations (AS 2363-1999) and assessments according to Appendix A of AS 2363-1990 “Guidelines for Assessing the Compatibility of Helicopter Landing Sites and Various Land-Uses”.

Aircraft noise