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Environmental Noise

With our comprehensive academic qualifications coupled with extensive practical engineering experience and technical skills, and with our all-inclusive, world-class, specialist measuring equipment and software, we will find effective solutions to essentially any noise problems.

Environmental noise

Our services in measurements, assessment and control of environmental noise include

  1. environmental, interior and occupational noise measurements and analyses with the latest technology, factory-/NATA-calibrated, Class 1, world-renowned Brüel and Kjær (B&) Modular Precision Real-Time Sound Analyzers types: 2250 and 2270;

  2. overview, post-processing and in-depth analyzing of noise measurement data with Brüel & Kjær (B&K) software packages:
    -  Noise Explorer type 7815; and
    -  Evaluator type 7820;

  3. noise dispersion modeling (computer-aided noise prediction);

  4. product noise rating compliance certification - determination of the sound power level of a mechanical system on the spot, in situ, in your laboratory or factory, without the necessity of placing this system inside the anechoic or reverberant chambers (expensive) or in the acoustically free-field (in many cases unattainable);

  5. assessment of aircraft, helicopter, road traffic, motor sport, entertainment, industrial and/or community noise impact on residential premises;

  6. assessment of environmental noise according to the EPA Noise Policy for Industry (NPfI);

  7. assessment of occupational noise according to requirements of WorkCover Authority (WorkCover), i.e.
     -  Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011; and
     -  Australian/New Zealand Standard: Occupational noise management (AS/NZS 1269: 2005);

  8. assessment of noise from child care centers;

  9. selection of optimal noise reduction methods;

  10. design of noise barriers, enclosures and silencers;

  11. redesign recommendations for the silencing of noisy machinery and processes;

  12. recommendations on modifications of both industrial buildings accommodating noisy equipment and residential buildings exposed to excessive noise;

  13. certification of compliance with Australian Design Rules:
     -  ADR 28/01 : External Noise of Motor Vehicles;
     -  ADR 39/00 : External Noise of Motor Cycles; and
     -  ADR 56/00 : Moped Noise;

  14. MOST ADVANCED, VERY USEFUL BUT RARELY AVAILABLE measurements of the sound intensity with state-of-the-art hand-held sound intensity system; and

  15. identification of sources of noise with acoustic cameras, as on the photograph below:

Acoustic camera