Pollution Control Consultancy and Design

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Outline of services provided by Pollution Control Consultancy and Design (PCCD)

With our comprehensive academic qualifications coupled with extensive practical engineering experience and technical skills, and with our all-inclusive, world-class, specialist measuring equipment and software, we will find effective solutions to essentially any noise problems.

Pollution Control Consultancy and Design (PCCD) provides comprehensive services in noise and vibration assessment and control.

Outline of Services:

  • environmental noise, occupational noise and vibration measurement, assessment and control;
  • trouble-shooting of existing noise and vibration control systems;
  • environmental reviews and audits;
  • environmental management plans (EMP);
  • pollution reduction programs (PRP);
  • environment protection policy and strategy;
  • environment impact assessments (EIA);
  • environment impact statements (EIS);
  • statements on environmental effects for development consents;
  • applications for pollution control approvals and licences;
  • compliance audits for pollution control approvals, licences and development consents;
  • interpretation of technical requirements of environment protection legislation;
  • expert witness services for proceedings at New South Wales Land and Environment Court,
    Compensation Court (now Workers' Compensation Commission) and local courts;
  • formulation of environmentally acceptable and safe operational conditions and procedures;
  • development of operational manuals for pollution control systems;
  • design and set up of pollution measurement networks;
  • supervision of construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of pollution control systems.


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